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Welcome to Klinton Kites! Klinton Kites is your high-flying, action-packed, Stunt Kite, twisting and turning, Larger Delta, soaring-in-the-clouds and kite shop. Klinton Kites is one of the best family owned and operated kite shop /On-line store since 2012. We are located in Clinton, Utah 84015. Not only are you going to find some of the highest quality kites by David Gomberg kite productions, Skydog kites, Revolution inc, on the market, our award-winning customer service team is filled with excitement and friendliness to ensure that you are not only just purchasing a kite or a family kite package. We are here to ensure that you are purchasing a lifetime of memories with our beautifully bright colored Rip Stop Nylon Sails and our solid Carbon Fiber Spars that are almost indestructible, no matter how many times you take one of our highest quality, beginner children’s kites or Advanced Stunt Kites from the highest, brightest blue skies that can be related to the Heavens above straight to the ground below. That’s when you run out to your Stunt Kite with everyone around you in shock that you have just done the unthinkable. You just dust off the grass or sand depending on where your letting your imagination run wild with two handles and string running from your hands into the skies above and re-set your kite back up into the launch position and have it take back off like a Rocket from the N.A.S.A launch pad on the Space Coast District in Florida. That’s when you are heading back into the skies above and you’re in flight again soaring with the control of an F-22 fighter jet. That is when you can say that you did not just purchase a Delta kite or just purchased a memory, you purchased something that is more valuable to you: you purchased a smile, a laugh, you purchased fun. Thank you for your support of our truly irreplaceable team here at Klinton Kites.
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